Knowledge Transfer

1. Annual IFRS update courses for accounting firms

Update courses also highlight relevant ASPE comparisons. Courses can be tailored to firm needs based on:

  • client related work-load, focusing on accounting and financial reporting issues to specific industries;
  • changes in the financial reporting framework, such as new and amended standards; or
  • as-needed refreshers of specific subject matter.

Detailed material, including questions and answers for group discussion, are provided.

Courses are best differentiated by seniority, with different courses delivered to Partners & Managers versus to Staff.

2. Narrow scope training for preparers

Training can be focused on specific accounting and financial reporting subjects relevant to management to enable you to account for specific issues and events.

For example: stock options, other equity transactions and determining and accounting for the purchase equation for acquisitions.

3. Technical, yet practical, courses tailored for audit committees

The objective is to empower audit committee members to decipher and critically read the financial statements of their company. Additional value is provided by being delivered independently of both management and the company’s auditor.

The course gives audit committee members what they need to know to be able to effectively question and challenge management on the critical issues.

4. Technical proof-reading

Services are available to publishers and to other writers.

5. Blog on

Through the blog, I aim to be the go-to resource for all things related to financial reporting.

Whether you are a small or medium sized preparer, an auditor or a user of financial statements, this is the place to be to get well researched and knowledgeable ideas related to real-life questions.

The blog, however, is for general consumption only and does not constitute a professional opinion for any specific scenario. You should seek professional advice for the specific facts of your case.

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