Assistance to accounting firms

Rhodes Professional Corporation is engaged for services directly by the accounting firm, as a disbursement of your audit. Therefore the relationship with the client remains with you.

1. Providing Quality Control oversight or outsourced Engagement Quality Control Reviewer (EQCR) services

Assistance can be provided through:

  • input to the audit process from the planning stage through completion;
  • consultation on specific audit issues arising; and/or
  • review of the draft financial statements prior to release to the client to ensure compliance with the appropriate financial reporting framework and best practices.

2. Consulting on accounting and financial reporting application issues

Assistance is available for clients of the firm, on an as-needed basis.

3. Consulting on assurance issues

For example, going concern or audit of the application of new accounting standards, for clients of the firm on an as-needed basis.

4. Provision of updates

Updates can be provided, for example, to the firm’s IFRS and ASPE financial statement templates and audit programs.